Message in a Bottle

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Finally, I have finished bottling the last of the brews and the Hefeweisen is slow cooking for carbonation for a month. On an even better note I forgot to prime the Belgian Wit with priming sugar when we bottled it 2.5 weeks ago. I picked up Coopers Drops and loaded each bottle with 2 drops and the beer is fantastically carbonated and ready to drink ahead of schedule… I drink one while writing this. We have a lot of beer bottle and should get us through part of the summer and through our Beerfest party in July. Invites to come on that so stay tuned. Will start up another set of new batches in 2-4 weeks and see where we go. Now to enjoy the fruits (or grains in this case) of my labor. Cheers!

Bottle Madness

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We got a little carried away with brewing beer for the summer and had stepped up output to 2 batches every other week.  Well between real life and work this got to be a lot of work and needless to say….bottling has been a bitch.  So where the hell are we…so confused:

- Bottled up Summer Ale, Baltic Porter, and a Belgian Wit

- Brewed and have in the secondary a Hefeweisen

We also are planning a beer tasting party in mid-july so stay tuned for further information.

Our IPA has finished in the bottles and we taste tested about 8 of them after we ran the Cleveland Marathon. It is a really good bitter, medium hop beer, with a light crispness to it. Drop me a note and tell me when you wanna come over and have some…we have a case already cold.

Oh Christmas Tree....

I have to say when it comes to making brew….bottle washing just plain sucks. This bottle tree is a life saver and bottle time was cut in half.

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Now that I have moved out and freed up the primary fermenters what sense does it make to leave them empty. So we now have the following in transit to the primary’s for some variety:

Baltic Porter:

This is a rich, malty, sweet porter with notes of caramel, toffee and raisin. It is dark in color but not black. It has the malt flavors of an English porter and the restrained roast of a schwarzbier but with a higher starting gravity and a higher alcohol content then either. This style of beer is similar to English porters but influenced by Russian Imperial Stouts.

Initial weigh in is SG – 1.076

Belgian Wit

This is your basic Blue Moon with Orange and spice and everything nice, and since summer is around the corner we have focused on some more fruitier, lighter beers for those hot days.

I don’t have an initial SG yet but will provide one later.


Stay tuned as we move to new brews next week and plan a Beer Fest at the Cellar Brewing Social Club!


OK, I really thought I botched this batch when it went to primary , blew the lid off, fermented way hard and was like a storm inside the primary for 4 days. After additional settling and fermentation ending, the beer cleared up. I just tasted it and it is great…..beyond expectations and strong…the way I like my beers and my women. Weighing in at an impressive 8.8% ABV this is going to be an ass kicker and I cannot wait to drink this with friends and family. Will follow up in a month on this one.

Facilities Exposed!

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This is where our beer currently lives. As we keep adding fermenters we are moving to a larger more climate controlled room. Right now we maintain a nice 70 degrees for fermentation and bottle conditioning.